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    Epoxy Flooring in Fresno, CA

    Fresno, California

    Epoxy Flooring Services


    Learn More About This Durable Flooring Solution

    Are you looking for a strong and durable flooring solution for your home or commercial business? Is your current flooring starting to look worn out or have stains on the surface material? An epoxy flooring system from Epoxy Flooring Fresno may be a great choice, as these floors provide incredible strength and durability, along with countless other advantages.

    Epoxy is an incredibly strong material that is formed from a mixture of different chemical compounds that are combined with a form of resin to create the hard, plastic-like material for the surface of the floor. The epoxy material is resistant and able to withstand countless damaging factors, which makes these floors a great choice for residential, commercial, and industrial settings. You can keep reading below to learn about the various types of epoxy flooring systems we offer and the benefits of choosing our company for the project. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions and to receive your free quote on our services.


    Fresno, California

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    Strong Enough To Meet Your Daily Business Demands

    Commercial businesses are subject to high demands and heavy amounts of foot traffic, which means the material needs to be strong enough to handle this type of environment. Our team has years of experience installing epoxy floors in various business settings such as restaurants, hospitals, retail stores, warehouses, and more! When you choose one of our dependable epoxy floors, you are not only receiving the highest quality of materials but you are receiving a floor that can stand up to business foot traffic and the use of heavy machinery. You can rest assured your commercial epoxy floor will be safe for your employees and customers while allowing for personal customization to match your unique brand.

    Epoxy Flooring Installations in Fresno, CA

    Benefits of Choosing an Epoxy Floor


    There are many benefits associated with choosing an epoxy floor for your home or business thanks to the exceptional strength and resistance the material provides. Read below to learn more about the specific benefits of epoxy and popular areas for installation.




    If you need a floor that is able to stand up to nearly every possible damaging factor, epoxy may be the best choice for you. The combination of epoxy materials and the hardening resin creates a strong surface that can face chemicals, moisture, staining, and more! These types of floors are great for both residential homes in naturally moist areas like basements, garages, and bathrooms that hold musty smells with traditional flooring materials. Epoxy’s durability is also a great advantage for commercial businesses and industrial settings where constant foot traffic and heavy machinery can cause damage to other flooring materials. Many people are surprised to learn that some epoxy coatings are even fire-resistant, which can provide any property owner with peace of mind.




    When you are making a purchase for a new flooring system, you want to ensure that the project is cost-effective and that the materials will last for many years of use. Some traditional flooring materials like wood, stone, or tile not only come with a large price tag but can also be damaged easily. This means that you might have to make repairs or even a full replacement of the materials after just a few years. Epoxy is one of the longest-lasting materials and can provide decades of use with the proper maintenance. These affordable floors are one of the most cost-efficient systems available for home and business owners in the Fresno area.


    Increased Safety


    Whether you are looking to add a new floor to your home or business, we understand that one of the main concerns is overall safety. It’s a common misconception that epoxy floors are slippery due to the reflective surface but this is simply untrue. Epoxy floors have various coatings that can provide a slip-resistant finish to help keep the area safe, even if the floor is wet! The texture of a slip-resistant epoxy floor is unique and can help to boost the design aesthetic where it is installed. If you are concerned about the safety of your family members or employees and customers, consider a slip-resistant epoxy floor coating.


    Boost In Home Value


    Adding a new epoxy flooring system to your Fresno home is a great way to boost the overall value of the property! Epoxy is incredibly durable and provides a long lifespan compared to other materials, which is a great appeal to potential homebuyers. Not every home upgrade project is equal in terms of return on investment but the addition of epoxy is proven to help boost home value in and around the Fresno, California area. Even if you are not thinking of selling your home, adding a sleek new epoxy coating will allow you to enjoy the benefits.




    One of the major advantages of an epoxy coating is the ability to customize the design and unique finish of the surface. This is great for homeowners who are looking to add their own touch to their property or for business owners that want to create a surface with their branding colors or specific logo. There are also metallic epoxy coatings and epoxy flake floors, each providing the opportunity to choose the different colors and design finishes. Traditional flooring materials lack design options and can leave the space feeling one-note. Contact us today to learn more about our different design options.


    Simple to Maintain


    Another huge advantage of choosing an epoxy coating for your Fresno home is the ease of maintenance required to keep the material looking sleek. When compared to materials like wood and stone that need regular coatings and treatments to maintain functionality, epoxy is exceptionally easy to care for and only requires standard routine cleanings. Most epoxy coatings require dirt and debris to be removed from the surface with a soft broom, though a wet mop can be used to remove any built-up grime. Choosing epoxy will help to save you money in maintenance costs over time.

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    Residential Epoxy Flooring


    Epoxy is an excellent choice for many areas of a residential home, including basements, bathrooms, garages, studios, pool rooms, and more! These coatings can not only help to increase the value of your Fresno home but can also help to improve areas that are prone to moisture. You won’t have to worry about the epoxy in your home looking bland or standard, we use the latest technologies to provide ample design options. Contact us today and receive a free quote for your new epoxy floors!


    Commercial Epoxy Flooring


    The demands of a commercial business are often too much for standard flooring materials, causing them to warp or fade after just a few years of use. This is not only an aesthetic eyesore to your customers but may pose a safety issue to your employees and guests. Our highly trained epoxy contractors have years of experience installing floors in commercial settings and work to ensure there are minimal interruptions to your daily business functions. These floors are also simple and easy to maintain, which will let you focus more on the essential areas of your business.


    Industrial Epoxy Flooring


    Warehouses, breweries, and other industrial manufacturing areas can benefit from the strength and resilience of an epoxy floor. Our team can help address your business’s specific needs and determine the best type of coating for your environment. We utilize only the highest quality of materials, so you can ensure your epoxy floor will be able to stand up to high temperatures, heavy machinery, and chemical spills. The slip-resistant coatings available for epoxy floors can help to keep your employees safe while working in different conditions.


    Metallic Epoxy Flooring


    One of our most popular installations for Fresno home and business owners is the stunning metallic epoxy flooring system. While the installation and application process of a metallic epoxy floor is similar to standard epoxy, the final product is visually stunning and one-of-a-kind. Each metallic floor is truly unique and can be designed to meet your needs. Metallic epoxy is brought to life through the use of special pigments that help to create the illusion of movement and natural elements such as lava or clouds.

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    When you choose to work with Epoxy Flooring Fresno, you are receiving services from a team of epoxy professionals and the highest quality materials available to the Fresno, California area! We utilize the latest technologies to ensure the installation process is fast and stress-free and we always provide free estimates for your peace of mind. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional customer service and a flawless epoxy floor coating that will last you for years of use. We provide a warranty on our labor and are happy to answer any of your epoxy questions or concerns via phone or email.

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